Friday Five.


This week’s Friday Five are products that I always have in my MOMsenal…get it? Like arsenal, but momsenal. Sorry, that was pretty bad. Anyway, these are products that I use on a daily basis to help with my mental clarity and relaxation. Please feel free to message me or comment any questions! I enjoy sharing products that I love and passing on the things I’ve learned.

  1. Brain Octane Oil. Bulletproof coffee is all the rage right now, and that’s what this oil is intended for, but I actually use it in a variety of ways. I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for the last year, which is a high fat, moderate protein and VERY low carb diet, and I add this oil to my food and tea to give me extra fat and help me feel full. This oil is 100% coconut oil, but it’s completely tasteless, so it doesn’t alter the flavor of my food. You don’t cook with this oil, you just add it to your food right before eating. Brain Octane Oil
  2. Lavender Essential Oil. I LOVE the smell of lavender and will even wear this in lieu of perfume, but I use this oil every evening to help myself relax. I’ll mix a couple drops of lavender with some coconut oil and rub it on my temples. Then, I’ll meditate before going to bed. I’ve been sleeping better and feeling at peace when climbing into bed instead of frazzled from a hectic day. Lavender Essential Oil
  3. Juice Plus – Omega Blend. Juice Plus has been a huge blessing in my life, I actually use several of their products for myself and my kids, and their Omega Blend has seriously lifted the mom-fog. These capsules contain omegas 3,5,6,7 & 9 – all derived from plants! Omegas are essential for our brain health – and we can’t make them! We must get them in our diet and I’ve felt such a difference in my mental clarity since taking these. Juice Plus – Omega Blend
  4. Evening Primrose Oil. I discovered Evening Primrose Oil when I was pregnant with Dominic and desperate to get my little guy OUT! Since having Dom, I’ve been taking Evening Primrose Oil regularly because it’s great for women! There are a ton of benefits from helping hair/nail growth to promoting fertility to improving your skin. Evening Primrose Oil
  5. Celltrex Recovery Fluid. This serum helps keep my skin healthy. Celltrex contains patented polyphenol hydroxytyrosol, the most powerful component of Mediterranean extra virgin olive oil, which scavenges skin aging free radicals. I use just a couple of drops of this every evening after I cleanse and tone to keep my face healthy and supple. Nu Skin Cellrex Recovery Fluid


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